Why Trays Are Much Better Than Conduits – MEP 101

MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumping) aspect of any body of a building acts as the vital systems of a body such as digesting, nervous, etc.

Out of these three, the priority of the electrical aspect is extremely high. In this read, we’re going to discuss a crucial aspect in the electrical aspect to make you realize that trays are actually much better than conduits in any setting.

Convenient to Identify Defective Spots

Conduits always go inside structural components, such as slabs and walls. When these conduits are buried within the structure, they just cannot be visibly seen or audibly heard. Because of that, finding out defective spots is always going to be borderline impossible. But since wires and cables will be neatly arranged along with trays, their defective spots can be easily spotted.

Elevated Ease of Repairing and Replacing Cables & Wires

Let us assume that there was an electromagnetic device that of course comes at a higher cost is able to detect defective spots through structural components. Even if you managed the purchasing and the operating cost of such an electromagnetic diagnosis device, how can you rectify the problems? To rectify, you should always damage the structure.

That damaging will always be followed by an extra repairing cost as well. If the diagnosis device was not accurate, that’s added expenses. None of these issues happen when you go for a wire or cable tray. Why? Because just as much as you can find the problematic places, you can also rectify and replace them as needed.

For Both Residential and Commercial

There’s no doubt that almost all the commercial establishments heavily depend on cabling and wiring trays in the present and it brings some of a modern look. You’ve been thinking about whether these trays are just for the commercial setting, that’s a false assumption.

Because if you looked into some of the modern house interior designs, it’s quite easy to notice the presence of trays all over the place. As long as the placement and the instantiation are done in the best way, your house also is going to have one of the best modern looks ever.

Rearrangement Made it Much Easier

If you ever wanted to rearrange the wires or cables due to a property renovation, it’s extremely easier to rearrange electrical trays when the rearrangement of conduits takes great effort. This convenience is so much that you can rearrange trays on your own easily.


Since the conduits go inside setting concretes and walls that are made out of brick any other materials, reusing them with all new wires or cables is never advised. Hence, if your commercial building was going for a complete makeover, the conduit replacement is always going to swallow up a greater chunk of the finances. This problem doesn’t happen with trays since all you need to do is take away the existing ones and reposition them as needed.

Affordable Over Conduit Systems

This goes without saying coming in aluminum, stainless steel, and such, trays are quite cheaper than industrial-level conduit material. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the prices have only gone lower.