What to Look for in a Good Daycare?

If you are thinking about leaving your baby with someone else to get back to work, it may be proving to be not only a big decision but a difficult one for you, particularly if it is your firstborn. You may be considering a child care centre instead of an at-home nanny, which is making you feel even more anxious because your baby is going to be away from the familiar protection of your home. 

The apprehension and anxiety you feel about leaving your child with someone else should not stop you from exploring the best childcare centres in your area, after all a great majority of parents leave their children in daycare. For example, child care hoppers crossing and similar childcare centres offer a safe and fun environment for children to pass time till you are ready to pick them up after work. The benefits of such a childcare centre are that your child will be supervised by trained and experienced caregivers plus your child gets to spend time with other children of a similar age helping them improve their social skills.     

The first indicator of a good, well-run daycare will be the good reviews it has both online and offline. Speak to other parents who have children at the centre or have had their children there to understand how well the centre is run. What you are looking for is a daycare centre with a good reputation. Don’t be disheartened by a few negative comments, after all, no centre will be perfect for every child and parent. What you do want to pay attention to are negative and positive comments that surface consistently. Repeated issues are an indication that something is amiss, while consistent praise for something tells you it is a possible strength for the centre.

Pay attention to the level of security the daycare centre provides children. As you tour the centre ask questions about ways in which caregivers monitor the children and their activities, be it playing or eating or sleeping. Ask about who has access to the centre and the children throughout the day. Find out about third-party employees who have access to the building and outdoor play areas. Find out about alarm systems, and security cameras and how well these are monitored. Ask about safety features and procedures when children step out into the playground and if the perimeter of the building’s grounds is secure from outsider access.

Find out about the schedule the daycare has in place for children of your child’s age group and think about how you want your child to spend the day and how and what you want your child to learn. You may want a fluid schedule or perhaps you would want a more structured schedule for your child to prepare for school. Last but not least, find out about the caregiver’s experience and qualifications as well as the centre’s registration details. Caregivers should have certification plus training and the right personality to work with young children.