Tips for Wearing a Kaftan

Kaftans have an effortless style; they flatter the figure while being a loose fitting garment. You may see this mostly worn on holiday in tropical countries but there is a lot more versatility to this style of dress. While it is known to be a popular beachwear item, you can wear it in different settings depending on how you style it.

A kaftan is traditionally ankle length with long free flowing sleeves. But there are many different variations on this. There are also shorter kaftans such as what you will find in Miss June clothing. Kaftans were traditionally made of cotton and silk even though you can find other material options today. They have become popular due to the comfort they provide the wearer while still being fashionable.

If you are wearing a kaftan on the beach, you can wear it over your swimsuit. This can be a lightweight clothing item that protects you against the harsh sun. As the kaftan is not fitted, it is the ideal holiday dress that leaves you with a lot of freedom. And you can cover up your swimsuit when you are strolling to and from the beach. You need some stylish sandals to complete the look with some funky sunglasses. When wearing this in hot climates, go for natural fabrics like cotton to improve the breathability of the material.

You can wear a kaftan for both formal and informal occasions. And it is a great clothing item for women of any body size. For boho chic style, you can use some flat sandals with large sunglasses and a soft shoulder bag. This will be a great outfit for a casual occasion such as dinner or a summer party. You can choose a more fitted kaftan for dressy events. Look for layered kaftans made from sheer fabric that can be paired with shiny jewelry.

You can echo the shine of the jewelry by wearing jeweled sandals. You can also wear a loose fitted kaftan to a formal event by transforming its fit with a belt. This will accentuate your waist. Look for a wide leather belt for a statement piece. There are also kaftan tops that can be worn over shorts for casual events. You can accessories it with beaded accessories.

A headband will be a great accessory to use with a kaftan. Many kaftans are colorful with vibrant patterns. You can echo the same vibrancy in the headband. The material of the kaftan will also give an indication of the occasion you can wear it to. For casual events, look for natural fabrics such as cotton or silk. For formal events, you can go with silk, satin or rayon.

Medium length kaftans are great for your everyday outfit. You can pair it with some leggings. Longer kaftans are great for formal events. As kaftans are loose and flowing, you have to select handbags that are small and compact. A clutch will be the perfect complement to an evening cocktail party.