Most Successful College Majors Today

Education is one of the most important things in one’s life, without it a person would literally crawl his way up towards their dreams or success. It was even before the institutions of society were established, the early human family found the key towards survival is to educate, and that is to teach the basic elements of survival to their offspring so that they too can be successful when it is high time for them to leave home.

Fast-forward to modern societies, here we are still teaching our kids mainly through the help of the social institutions such as government, schools, and local communities. Modern societies, like a concrete jungle, has become a highly competitive ecosystem, thus it is also important to choose properly what should one study and take as a major in order to ensure high quality of life and success. Not all degrees are created equal; here are others that are very in demand that they actually guarantee high paying jobs and stable secured careers.

Here are some the most successful careers in the world today:


The age-old profession of engineering has never been brought down as one of the top paying and most successful careers even in the 21st century age of the digital revolution. Engineering has always been at the top-level tier of most successful jobs or careers because as a science it has never ceased to adapt and embrace modern technology and methodologies.

Engineering has its roots in ancient history from the Great pyramids and the roads of Rome but has its branches to the neck-breaking skyscrapers of modern-day buildings. University level schools are the ones with the best engineering programs to prepare a person to be a competent engineer.

IT profession

The language of the modern era is written in codes, and in order to adapt and become successful in this age ad time one has to study the language and that is through Information Technology. Computer science has had a breakthrough as a degree and a career only through the advent of the computer and development of the internet. From then on, most companies hired gifted and competent IT professionals to make the great leap from analogue to digital.  These courses can be found in almost all colleges and universities, but practical learning platform for IT diploma can also be followed online.

Medical Doctor

Savings lives have been one of the noblest professions in the world, and it comes with some perks, one of which is the salary. Medical doctors have been at the top of the highest earning professions worldwide. Not only is it a high paying career but the social status that it bears is also of high value, doctors in their communities are very well-respected and praised for their contributions in their immediate communities.

There are a good number of medical schools that one can apply to, but most of the selection process is very strict and stringent, you do only have to be the brightest but you should be the best among the brightest to get into higher tier medical schools in your country.

Everything considered, before changing career paths, one should also take into consideration the passion that they have is in line with the career that they choose.